The Challenge and Opportunity

What is the Future of Wealth?

“Future of Wealth” is an Aspen FSP initiative designed to expand, connect, and activate a diverse set of leaders committed to advancing a new wealth agenda. Our ambitious goal, necessarily appropriate to the scale of the problem, is to advance solutions that can 10x the wealth owned by households in the bottom half of the wealth distribution, as well as for households of color, within a generation.

In the decades leading to the 2020s, the U.S. has experienced historic levels of income and wealth inequality. The bottom 50% of the population holds just 2% of the nation’s wealth, a low point not seen since the 1920s. Realizing our vision will mean millions of families across the United States attain financial security and can build enough wealth to enable full participation in society, personal agency, and dignity. The benefits will flow to individuals, communities, the economy, and our democracy.

Our Work


The identification and amplification of ideas – specifically a set of solutions that could advance our goal of 10x-ing the wealth of households of color and the bottom 50% of the population by wealth.


Laying the groundwork for action by developing and executing an issue campaign and other public and media engagement activities to increase stakeholder engagement and excitement about the possibilities for transforming wealth and ownership in the U.S.


Activating leadership by identifying, spotlighting, and stewarding a new network of leaders from government, philanthropy, the private sector and the nonprofit and the grassroots sectors that will be invested in the campaign and willing to publicly act on the goals.

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